Let me share my experience of using the Braun Series 7 – 790cc for the last few years. By the way, I still recommend exactly this model to most of my friends, although was a release of the new Braun Series 9 as you may know.

First of all, design is awesome! I really like it. Also, this model has a quite convenient cleaning system in compare with other Electric Razors, and for sure, in general, the level of satisfaction with shaving experience is high as for me.

When Braun was delivered to my house, I was very surprised because I really didnt expect to see such a big package! Then I opened the box and here is what I found: Braun 790cc Razor, Traveling Case, Cleaning Brush and Electric Cord with the Set of Instructions.

As I was already saying, the cleaning system is very good. All you have to do to clean your shaver is put it in the special charging base, push a button and that is it. Simple!

There are four different cleaning modes. I usually use just two of them.

The Razor has modern design and fits very comfortably in the hand. There is an LCD display on the bottom. There you can check information about battery life and other stuff. I would say, time of shaving with full charge is approximately 40 minutes.

As for price, obviously, it is not the cheapest model on the market, but believe me, it completely worth the money paid for it.